Like all the best stories, LOCA’s began on Christmas Day, with the opening of a great big box and the start of an incredible dream come true. Inside was a shining Numark “DJ in a Box” set. Excitement is belt-driven and comes with filthy beats.

Looking up to heroes like Fergie and Eddie Halliwell, little LOCA was determined to learn how they mix the music that makes the thousands at their gigs dance like they don’t ever want to stop. It wasn’t long before her bedroom experiments took her to the beaches of Ibiza. Taking the party with her, wherever she went.

She started with a few nights for friends, who began talking about the way she made a room erupt at the biggest tunes. Soon, the Digital Love club night in her hometown of Aberdeen was on the phone, and she was installed as their Resident DJ in 2009. There, LOCA learned how to play to big, demanding crowds who want every night to be the best of their lives. Crowds like that sometimes don’t even notice who their DJ is, but LOCA, with her long blonde hair and diamond studded earphones, demands attention. A fanbase began following as she moved to new venues first within the city, and then breaking out to the country beyond.

In 2010, she was a finalist in the RockNess DJ Competition, earning a place playing at the huge festival held on the banks of Loch Ness. The following year, she was invited back to play the Howards End tent. The headline act that year was the Chemical Brothers. Since that breakthough, she has been asked to warm up for huge acts including Example and the heroes who began it all for her, Fergie and Eddie Halliwell. This year, she’s already confirmed gigs across Scotland, and her spiritual home… Ibiza.

But wherever she plays, whoever is there, LOCA has just one ambition. To give that crowd a night they’ll never forget. To make them feel like she did when she opened that great big box on Christmas Day: Like anything is possible.